Used in connection with a handled
ascender this device can make rope
climbing much easier and less tiring.
Attaches to the ankle and allows the
wearer to stand on the dyneema reinforced
webbing. Toothed cam is a trigger cam with
cleaning slot so that it works even on dirty
rope. Quick and easy to install and saves a
lot of effort.
Petzl Pantin Foot
The Petzl Ascension is our most popular
handled ascender. The ergonomic design
of the handle makes them nicer to use on
long climbs. Toothed cam is easily engaged
with a thumb lever. Two holes of different
sizes provide attachment points for slings.
Light-weight aluminum construction Makes
a climbing system with the ascender foot
strap and foot ascender.
Petzl Ascension Hand
Petzl Basic
Petzl Croll
Chest Ascender
The Croll is a sleek
ascender to be used with a
chest harness and hand
ascender. The upper hole is
rectangular to allow
correct attachment to the
harness. Specially shaped
to sit flat against the body
of the user. Toothed cam.
The Petzl basic ascender
is a compact rope clamp
that can be installed with
one hand. Lower holes
for connecting slings,
upper hole allows a
carabiner to be attached
for self belaying of
hauling systems.
Reinforced nylon webbing strap attaches to
an ascender with included quick link. Sold
individually, these make a great addition to
an ascender climbing system. See the Tree
Climbers Companion pages 44-47 for more
information on using ascenders & slings.
Foot Strap
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