Aluminum standard eight is
lightweight, compact, and
dissipates heat well.
Anodized aluminum stands
up well to use.
This aluminum
rescue eight has
short ears, and a
specially shaped
carabiner hole.
Aluminum bent-ear figure
eight, sometimes called a
"rescue 8" dissipates heat
well, is lightweight, and has
long bent ears to prevent the
rope from locking up during
Bent Ear
Figure 8
Rescue 8 with
Figure 8
Descenders and Figure 8s are great tools for the professional and recreational tree climber. Figure 8s
and descenders are used to apply friction to the climbing line and control the rate of descent. In case of
an emergency, a figure eight or mechanical descender like the Gri Gri allows the tree climber to make a
rapid descent. Prusik cords can also be used to control a climber's descent, or to back up a figure 8.
The Tree Climber's Companion and On Rope are two great books that contain information on using
figure 8s and descenders to rappel.
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