Micropulleys have lots of uses for tree climbing, one of the best of
which is as a slack tender in a split tail climbing system. We have a
range of micropulleys for you to choose from here, and more 1/2"
capacity pulleys available here if you're looking for something else.
We stock split tails spliced from premium climbing line, and all the
snaps, carabiners, and micropulleys you need to make an efficient
split tail climbing set up, as well as complete split tail kits that save
you time and money.
5/8" Pulleys and Arborist Blocks
5/8" capacity blocks and pulley are a good
choice for everyday rigging situations. Good
ropes to use with a 5/8 " pulley or block are
5/8" Samson Stable Braid, and 5/8" Husky
Double Braid.


Sheaves fitted with self-lubricating
bushings for good efficiency.
May be used at speeds of up to 10
Can be used to build rope pulley
  • Residential
  • Construction
  • Landscape
  • Farm
  • Industrial
  • Commercial