Samson Arbor Master Climbing Line (Blue Streak - Gold Streak - Multicolor) 1/2"
Year after year Arbor Master continues to be our best selling premium climbing line. This rope is an
excellent balance of high strength (
8,100 lbs.) and low weight (7.7 lbs. per 100 ft.). Arbor Master is a 16
strand single braid rope and is ½” in diameter. A very supple and pliable rope, Arbor Master works well with
friction hitches such as the Tautline and Blake’s hitch. Made from polyester with a nylon core, it is highly
resistant to abrasion and has very low stretch (0.60% at 200 lbs.). The smooth and durable surface makes
it great for foot locking. Arbor Master comes in three high visibility color patterns: blue/white, red/black/white,
and gold/white, making it easy to visually distinguish last year’s retired climbing line from this year’s. Arbor
Master does not rotate when under tension and is spliceable. Arbor Master's various color combinations
work well together when used in the split-tail climbing system.
Samson True Blue Climbing Line 1/2"
True Blue has been the rope of choice for many climbers for a long time. Its supple pliability makes it a
pleasure to work with when using friction hitches such as the Tautline and Blake’s hitch. Made from 100%
polyester, True Blue is a 12 strand single braid, which makes it strong (
7,300 lbs), low stretch (1.02 % at
200 lbs), and abrasion resistant. Its bright blue color makes it highly visible in the tree. Samson True Blue
is one of the most pliable and flexible ropes we sell, and is also quite strong. True Blue is spliceable.
Samson Arbor-Plex Climbing Line 1/2"
One of the first lines ever designed specifically for arborists, Arbor-Plex remains one of the most
economical ropes on the market. In the ½” diameter, Arbor-Plex has a breaking strength of
6000 lbs. and is
rated as a climbing line. At 6.8 lbs. per 100 ft., Arbor-Plex is one of the lightest climbing lines we sell. Arbor-
Plex is a 12 strand single braid rope with a polyester cover surrounding polyolefin fibers in the center,
making it abrasion resistant as well as lightweight. Arbor-Plex is a great choice for wet climates where
mildew and rot can be a problem. Arbor-Plex is not spliceable.
Samson Pro Master - 3 Strand Rigging Line 1/2"
Samson Pro-Master offers the best blend of performance and price in the marketplace. Pro Master is an
affordable 3 strand rope constructed of spun and filament polyester fibers over a polyolefin core. Pro Master
maintains its shape well even under heavy loads and holds knots well.  1/2" Samson Pro Master is great
for for a light lowering line with a breaking strength of
6,300 lbs.
Samson Stable Braid - Double Braid Rigging Line 1/2"
Samson's Stable Braid offers impressive working loads and break strengths in relatively small diameters.
This 100% polyester braided rope construction has a urethane coating for maximum toughness, and is
spliceable using standard double braid procedures. The 2-in-1 double braid construction consists of a
braided polyester cover over a braided polyester core, like a rope within a rope. This gives Stable Braid its
high strength and makes it work best when used with pulleys and other rigging hardware in a false crotch
setup. The 2-in-1 construction makes this rope low snag, high strength, and low stretch. Bright Samthane
Type A coating improves visibility and enhances resistance to abrasion and snagging.  1/2" Samson
Stable Braid is great for medium rigging jobs with a breaking strength of
10,400 lbs.
Samson Velocity Climbing Line 7/16"
Samson's Velocity is the lightest climbing line we sell. This 7/16" premium arborist line was developed by
Samson specifically for tree care professionals who need quick and easy access to the tops of trees
without being weighed down. Velocity has a unique construction, being a 24 strand spliceable double
braid. It maintains a spliced strength of
6000 lbs. Right out of the bag this rope has a broken in feel, is very
flexible and runs well through hardware. This is the best climbing line for the weight-conscious arborist.
Available in “Cool” (Green/Blue/White) or “Hot” (Orange/Red/White.)
Safety Blue and Safety Blue Hi-Vee Climbing Line 1/2"
New England Ropes’ Safety Blue is not actually blue at all, but gets its name from the blue core fibers
which become exposed if the line is cut or abraded, warning the user of the danger. Safety Blue is an
excellent arborist climbing line with high strength, flexibility, and safety features. Available in two color
patterns: white or Hi-Vee (fluorescent orange/white.) The high-visibility Safety Blue has the added safety of
being very easy to see, even when dirty. Safety blue is treated with a special coating that helps to increase
abrasion resistance and extend rope life. Safety Blue is a 16 strand single braid rope made from polyester
and polyolefin fibers. Strong and lightweight (7 lbs. per 100ft.)
7,000 lbs Brk Str
Samson Static Kernmantle NFPA Rope 1/2"
Rescue, rappelling, and speciality rigging operations can make high demands of a rope, and Samson
answers with its Static Kernmantle. Static Kernmantle is designed to equal or exceed the 2001 NFPA
standards, and provides firm body and good shock mitigation. It is a balanced non-rotational rope with a
high tenacity solution dyed braided polyester cover over a heat stabilized nylon core. Comes in various
hi-visibility colors.  Very Low Stretch  
11,000 lbs Brk Str  100' Weighs 8 lbs.
Non Spliceable  Meets or Exceeds NFPA  Good Shock Mitigation  Maintains Shape  
Husky II 5/8 " Rigging Line: Breaking Strength 18,000 lbs.
This line provides high breaking strength and energy absorption at a great price. Husky II doublebraid is
constructed differently than most doublebraid ropes. Husky has a polyester jacket over a nylon core, which
makes it stretch more than %100 polyester ropes like Samson Stablebraid, and also makes it stronger
than other 5/8" ropes. This extra stretch can be helpful in absorbing the shock of falling loads, but should
be taken into account when planning the drop.
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