Buckingham Climbers

Buckingham steel spurs with 'L'
pads are a good entry level
climber without a lot of bells and
whistles. Set comes complete
with spurs, straps, pads, gaff
guards, and instructions. Some
assembly required to fit the
spurs correctly to the user.
Climb Right

Climb Right aluminum spurs with
'L' pads are an inexpensive entry
into light-weight spur climbing.
Aluminum spurs shave off
approximately 30% of the weight
of a pair of climbers, and the 'L'
pads are light weight basic
Klein Climbers

Klein climbers are known the
world over for their comfort and
superior performance. They have
a proven gaff, roomy comfortable
stirrup, and innovative offset
design. 'L' pads provide the
minimum of padding and support
and are lightweight and
Super climber pads
are the best pad
without an insert. The
extra wide pad takes
two straps and gives
a more secure fit, in
addition to spreading
the pressure out over
a larger area. Felted
padding, very popular.
The stiff wrap pad is
constructed of
leather covering a
steel insert which
keeps the pad from
deforming and the
spur shank from
gouging the leg. Felt
padding. Great
Soft cushion wrap
pad slides onto the
spur shank. Adjusts
with a wide velcro
strap that cinches
closed for a perfect
fit. A very comfortable
"L" pads offer an
economical and
lightweight choice.
They don't have the
thickest padding in
the world, but they are
a popular choice and
offer some protection.
"T" pads offer
expanded surface
area and thick felt
padding for a more
comfortable climb.
These pads are a
popular choice, and if
you have climbed in
"L" pads, you'll
appreciate the
Steel cushion wrap
pads combine the
best of two worlds -
a rigid steel insert
keeps the shape of
the pad and thick
padding provides a
comfortable climb.
Wide velcro strap
cinches closed for a
perfect fit.
Climber footplates
attach to
Buckingham steel
spurs to provide a
firm and stable
platform for you to
stand on and relieve
aching feet. The set
of steel footplates
attaches easily with
two bolts that screw
the lower portion into
the upper. Ridged
rubber bottom
provides traction

Set of two tree gaffs
and all pins needed
to replace them.

Set of two tree gaffs
and all bolts and
wrenches needed to
replace them.

Set of two Pole gaffs
and all bolts and
wrenches needed to
replace them.
Split-ring spur straps
made from durable
nybuck material, with
leather flaps at the
end. Attaches easily
to Buckingham,
Klein, and Spyder
spurs. 26" long.
Nybuck spur straps
are designed to fit
super climber, t style,
l style, and cast
aluminum pads.
Made from durable
nybuck with leather
flaps. 26" long
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