The Micro and Macrocender rope
grabs have ribbed cams and can
be quickly installed in the middle
of the rope by removing the
spring-tensioned pin. These are
very compact and lightweight and
move easily on the rope. The pin
locks in place and resists
accidental opening.
A popular flipline adjuster. Cable
spring keeps the ribbed cam
tensioned on the flipline. this
ascender is easy to install on any
1/2" flipline, and secures with a
nylock nut. Ease of use and repair
makes this very popular.
Petzl Micrograb 1/2 " Flipline
Petzl 1/2" Microcender
Steel-bodied rope grabs have
removable locking pin for quick
installation. Ribbed cam engages
easily, kept engaged with metal
spring. Available in 1/2" capacity or
5/8 and 3/4" capacity.
Unique two-way ascender allows
you to use a 1/2" flipline as if it
were a 2-in-1 lanyard. Attachment
point is on a built-in swivel for
easy positioning.
Aluminum bodied ascender is
another quality Gibbs product. Will
work on steelcore fliplines,
allowing you to creat a two way
steel core flipline.
Gibbs Klimair 2-Way Flipine
Gibbs Quick Release Grabs
The first improvement on the classic
Gibbs design in years! Our
enhancements include adjustable spring
tension, a reversible cable and pin, and
aluminum or stainless steel bodies.
  • Residential
  • Construction
  • Landscape
  • Farm
  • Industrial
  • Commercial